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April 24, 2024

US: Andhra Family’s Birthday Temple Visit Ends In Tragedy, NRI Woman and Daughter Killed In Crash

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Gitanjali's daughter Hanika, 5, died on the spot, relatives said.
(Representative Image)

Gitanjali’s daughter Hanika, 5, died on the spot, relatives said.
(Representative Image)

Tragic accident claims lives of NRI woman and daughter in US city of Portland. Family headed to temple for woman’s birthday prayers

A non-resident Indian (NRI) and her daughter died in a car accident in the US city of Portland. The incident involving two vehicles occurred around a Woodburn area highway in the state of Oregon, while the Indian family was en route to the Tulip festival on the woman’s birthday.

Kamatham Gitanjali, who hailed from Andhra Pradesh, was pronounced brain-dead after the accident on Sunday. According to US authorities, Gitanjali failed to stop at a stop sign while driving southbound on South Meridian Road. Her car collided with another vehicle. Gitanjali’s daughter Hanika, 5, died at the scene.

“We come to you with heavy hearts to rally support for Naresh Kamatham’s family. On Saturday, March 30th, tragedy struck as our dear friend Naresh Babu Kamatham and his family faced a devastating car accident,” read the GoFundMe page started by a family friend. “Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any inquiries or concerns. Your continued support and comforting thoughts mean the world to us during this incredibly challenging period,” it added.

Gitanjali, who was initially critically injured, was airlifted to a hospital where she was later pronounced dead. Her husband Naresh and son Braman were also injured and are undergoing treatment at the hospital in Portland. Braman sustained a broken leg and is undergoing surgery. Geetanjali and her husband, both software engineers, had been residing in the US for about 10 years.

After the accident, a fundraiser was started by friends of the Andhra family to alleviate their financial strain. “We are now making arrangements to transport her remains to India, allowing their family the opportunity to bid her farewell and perform the necessary rituals,” the GoFundMe page read. It has so far received donations worth over USD 1,50,000.

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